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sugar shack

"Come on and shake what yo momma gave ya" at the Sugar Shack.
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It's Blues Time!

I Dig Girls 1:34
So Long Blues 2:24
. .
My Kinda Boogie 1:10
Da Beat 2:12
. .
Trouble No Mo  1:23
Mellow Down Easy
2:56 BONUS track
From Da Denal Sessions


The Red Hott Sugar Daddies would like to thank ....
papa john, howlin' higgins, lonsome larry, wayne wilson, paul nixon, wee alec fraser
12th fret studios, black swan, little joe, TBS, goddo, sonny rhodes, long john baldry,
livinblues.com, darlena, taj mahal, willie dixon, amigo web services, mike pickett,
danny brooks, jerome fitzpatrick, little walter, and everyone who digs this site.


" I got a tombstone hand and a graveyard mind "  - Willie Dixon