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Welcome to the Red Hott Sugar Daddies Blues Web Site!
Here's where we dish up some Blues to "get yo mojo workin" on the Web. The Sugar Daddies love the Blues and have "good times" in mind while you visit. Make sure you step into the Sugar Shack  to dig our latest  Blues CD "Have Mercy, Percy!" and download our MP3's for your next Blues Party. After you take in some tunes check the Bluespartys for RHSD's next appearance and don't forget our Guestbook. We like to hear from you so leave us a message

"Make sure it sez Red Hott Sugar Daddies 
on the label before each Blues Party
for genuine results!"
-moe howard


The Red Hott Sugar Daddies are available for nightclub, charity, corporate or private Blues Affairs  in the greater Toronto area, Southern Ontario and upstate New York.
Let us know and we'll be there, ready to play the Blues! All "ya gotta gotta dew"
is email
Boxcar Bruce  or call at 416.495.8031 and we will be glad to be of Blues help.


" I ain't broke, I'm badly bent, everybody love them dead presidents!"- W.Dixon